Payload Key Missing in Webhook Automation

I have an ongoing issue where I go into the automation for a button and look at a webhook step and the payload key is not shown. Although no value is shown in the automation, the webhook continues to operate correctly and deliver the correct payload. It creates a lot of extra work when I have to update a webhook because I have to find other ways of finding out what those payload keys are supposed to be and which ones are actually being set in this specific message.

Does anyone have any insight about why these payload key values are not being displayed and how to fix it?

Hi @Michael_W_SCR :honeybee:

Thanks for raising this to our team; could you also submit this to us in an issue report? Please also include any relevant screenshots.

Also, are you seeing this with automations in a particular workbook? Or across different workbooks?

Here is a screenshot:

I have created an issue, but it wouldn't let me attach the screenshot to the issue.

This seems to be related to copying the app, which we do pretty consistently as a way of making updates while the app is in use. It seems like once you copy the app, the payload keys disappear.