Release Notes - January 2021

Hi Honeycoders,

The New Year has arrived and our busy bees continue to build out the hive here at Honeycode. We're excited to announce that now you can add a new app from one of our templates right on your mobile device. In Tables, you can create a picklist, and the underlying table, all in one step. We've expanded the Builder automations panel to give you the room you need, and sped up automation builds and edits. Read on to see all the buzz!

What’s New

:iphone: Create new app from template on mobile

Are you on the go and want to get a new app started on your mobile device? You can create a new app using one of Honeycode's fully functioning templates. Just select which template meets your needs and you're on your way. You can add your own data using the form screen in app then customize the app to suit your team's needs using Honeycode on your desktop.

Our new article, Create apps using Honeycode Templates, dives into adding a template app and tips to customize it.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: We’ve pushed this new feature to your devices, so close the app and reopen to add a new app from a template on your mobile device. If it doesn’t appear to be there, uninstall and reinstall the Honeycode app.

What’s Improved

:card_index: Model data on the fly with simplified picklist creation

Did you realize that adding a dropdown menu (or picklist) would be really helpful in your app, but don’t have a table with the choices? You can add a new column to your table and create the new picklist table at the same time!

See our updated article that outlines adding a picklist (dropdown menu) to a table for more on this.

:woman_juggling: Enjoy the wider Builder automations panel

We all appreciate more room to work, right? App authors can now enjoy the wider automation panel in Builder to build and edit actions. All existing functionality remains the same.

See our article on debugging automations for complete details.

:dash: Dash through Automation builds and edits

We’ve improved Automations loading, saving, and publishing performance by as much as 87%! Here’s a quote from one of our builders:

“Clicking on ‘Edit automation’ takes 1.2 seconds. Adding a 56th step to a block is faster. And typing into the Take data from field is faster, as is being able to choose from the dropdown for write to: field…all in all much, much better! Thank you! ” – a Honeycode builder

We hope you like using the new features and improvements. Happy building!

The Honeycode Team

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Hi all, Are there any plans in the near future to release Honeycode into production from beta?
ps: I am in APAC region and cannot find anyone to provide clarity.

Thank you

Hello, and welcome to the community @Jaso-4a17! We don't have any updates to share at this time about beta; however, we're planning further performance improvements for countries outside of the US by adding additional capacity in more AWS locations in the future. Stay tuned for updates!