Reminder Due-Date on Simple To-do

Please include "Custom" as an option on Simple To-do during task creation

The current options (DUE DATE, 1 DAY BEFORE, 7 DAYS BEFORE) allow for inflexible periods that don't always suit the period one would like to set for reminders PER TASK.

We are not always able to set reminders that 100% suit us.

HI @Veli-968c, thanks for the question and I'm happy to help you with this one. Funny timing, a colleague @Dan and I have been working on new community content that demonstrates how to customize existing templates, and your ask aligns up quite nicely with that effort!

There are multiple ways you could allow customization reminder periods, but I'll share one with you to see if that works.

  1. Go to the Add Task screen in builder in the Simple To-Do workbook.
  2. Click on the Reminder Data Cell (where the drop down today exists). Under Properties, Display, change the format to number with 0 decimal place. Here you may also want to change the title to REMINDER (IN DAYS).
  3. Next go to the Tasks table. In column F, Remind On, change the format to Number and 0 decimal place. If you are using a freshly deployed app from template, you'll want to remove the existing data in the Remind On column.
  4. For the Notification column, change the format of that to this formula: =IF([Remind On]="","",[Due]-[Remind On])
  5. And finally, for cleanup, safely delete the ReminderOptions table since that's no longer needed.

That should do it for you! Now launch the app and add a task.. Notice the custom days field? Drop a number in there and see what happens in the underlying Tasks table. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps but let us know if you have any additional questions.

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