Replace "Select Value" text

When no value has yet been selected from a picklist, I'd like to have a different user prompt than Select Value, which sounds awfull techie, and isn't very informative.

"Choose", "Select Contact", that sort of thing would be a great addition.

That's three in a day, I'll shut up now.

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Sadly, we can’t customize the placeholder text yet, best you can do is to hide the input field, and only have it appear when a user clicks a button that you style to look kind of like placeholder text (white bg , grey text)

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Yep, this is a not too painful workaround :slight_smile: The team is obvuously being bombarded with feature requests, poor dears. I hoped this might be an easy one (if I had a dollar for every time I'd heard that from managers, I'd be swimming in ice cream).

Hello @Stu & @AndrewB!

Thank you for suggesting this feature! I have shared it with our Product team for consideration in future updates! If you have any other features in mind that would help you build better forms, please share them. This will help us continuously improve the product.

Thank you!

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