Send emails to listed contacts on table

I created a table**[Admins]** of with one column with contacts format, I want to send notification to the contacts listed on that table but when I'm trying =Admins[admin] to "TO" parameter it only returns #VALUE!.
My goal here was to make it dynamic when a new admin was added, so I didn't have to manually add the new contact on every Buttons that have automated notification or in the created Automations.

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I understand your question. Using the "Run options" and the filter function "=FILTER(Table2)"
may help you to find all contacts in the table. When addressing the "To" section, use "thisrow()[contact]" ("contact" being the name of the contact column). Below is a screenshot:

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Hi @Pankaj ,

This works and implemented it thank you, but I have another issue now, on the Message part, originally I'm trying to reference the details of row on LIST View and its source was a diff table, do note that my button is in part of the List view. Is there a workaround for this?
=[emp name] and =[emp id] is now returning #NAME?

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A possible solution is to create a hidden cell on the screen and use FINDROW() to find the desired value from a different table. From there, you can refer to the hidden cell in the email message.

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