Share/publish my "app" via a publicly accessible URL

*What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?
As I builder I want to share processes and workflows with an anonymous group that should i.e.
** 1. Follow a checklist
** 2. Do a survey
** 3. Engage in a learning path

Registering for honeycode is not a viable option as those one-time visitors and are not part of my "team" and maybe will never interact with my app again. Currently I am using google forms for most of the examples but I see that honeycode can be much more powerful and therefore I want to switch.

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Thanks @Florian for your suggestion and welcome to the forum. The use case does make sense. However, this isn't something you can currently do as Honeycode apps can only be shared with other team members. I'll share this request with folks working on pricing and product so they're aware. Please do keep your suggestions coming!

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