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Hey there, fun idea so far. But is there a way or are you planning to releaase an signature input field? To sign something like a task or a service delivered?
Would need this for my App. Thanks a lot in advance. Best wishes, Sven


Hi @Svenjamin-Franklin, welcome to the community! As I believe you have already discovered, Honeycode currently does not support signature input fields. This is a great suggestion though and I've passed it onto the product team for future consideration. I think this would even complement our field service agent template quite nicely as well.

We're listening to all of the amazing feedback like this that's steadily flowing in, so please keep it coming!


+1 from me for this feature. I'm currently building a field service app and this functionality is vital. As well as being able to use the camera to take a picture of a front door or some work that has been completed.

Even if the camera can't be called directly from the app, being able to upload an image that had been taken using the device camera would suffice for the time being.

Is there a roadmap or list of suggested features publicly available?


I, like many others here will NOT be able to build my app, without signature capture/display.

Also, I reiterate the need for Photo upload/Camera access. We either need to be able to upload, or take a photo directly and attach the photo to a record somehow.

Both of these are an immediate need for my app that I need to build now...
Any update as to when this will be available??

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Hi @Frederick_Lord, thanks for joining the conversation. Please remember to keep conversations on topic. You can check out Access Camera on Mobile regarding the camera discussion.

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