Teams Overview & Roles

Honeycode Teams makes it easy to connect and collaborate with your coworkers on shared projects, whether you’re at a desk or on the go.

Ready to build your team? See our Adding Team Members article to view the step-by-step how-to.

How it works

Honeycode Teams bring you and collaborators together so you can share workbooks and apps in a common space. When you sign up for an Amazon Honeycode account, a team is automatically created for you.

You are the team admin, and you can invite others to join your team. You can also accept invites to join teams that others have created, but you cannot currently create additional teams.

Team roles

Teams have two roles, admins and members. Your team can have multiple admins, or just one. Honeycode lets you have up to 20 people on your team, including you, for free. Your coworkers can invite you to join their teams, too.

:warning: Team roles are different than Honeycode access levels. Access levels control what you can see or do with workbooks and apps. Team roles control whether you can invite or remove team members, promote or demote as admins, and other actions available within Honeycode as described in this article.

Need room to grow? Upgrade to the Plus or Pro plan and add members for an additional cost per person.

Team admins

As an admin, you have control over team roles, workbooks and apps, and your team’s plan. And, you can do it all from the Teams page.


  • Invite and remove team members/admins
  • Change roles for any member/admin
  • Change the team name
  • Delete the team


  • View all team management pages
  • Connect an AWS account to an existing team
  • Upgrade/downgrade the team plan
  • View relevant usage data for billing


  • Create and share workbooks/apps
  • Access all team workbooks/apps
  • Remove member from workbooks/apps

Team members

All team members have the ability to create workbook, build apps, and share them with their team.

Teams page

You’ll view your team and manage member roles in the Teams page. To access Teams, click on the icon in the left navigation bar.

Each team is an individual entity, so your teammates can’t see other teams you belong to, and vice versa.

:lock: Please note that any team’s members can see profile details, such as name, email, and role, of everyone on their team.

How-to add team members

Click here for more on adding team members, including the step-by-step instructions.

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