Timesheet Totalling Error

Full disclosure: I am not proficient in the use of programs like this and may not understand your lingo you use as a response but I'm looking to learn if youre willing to help!
I'm looking for some assistance in the coding for the employee timesheet app. It seems that when I input a start time and an end time for the day, the total hours worked only shows 1 decimal place. For time however it should be showing 2.

for example:
A start time of 9:45am with an end time of 4:00pm is showing as 6.2 total hours for the day instead of 6.25,

Has anybody else noticed this issue? Does anybody know how to fix it.

Hi @Hayd-c5a9, welcome to the community!

It's great to hear that you're exploring the Honeycode templates. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Good catch for the quarter hours on the timesheet app, thanks for noting that for us. The fix for this is pretty quick, let me show you:

In Builder, you can select the values that calculate the total hours and change the number format to accommodate for additional decimal places (in the properties):

On the Timesheet details screen, update the hour input variable's format to two decimal places:

Also update the variables of the totals to two decimal places:

Now when you enter times such as a quarter of an hour, it will display the correct totals to the given decimal place:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: I'll also make a note for our team to update this template to accommodate for two decimals places by default. :clock10:

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Hi Alyssa. Thank you for replying back so fast, you were able to help me with exactly what I was looking for.

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Hi @Hayd-c5a9,

You're welcome :slight_smile: That's great to hear, I'm happy that helped! :star2:


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