TIP: Having trouble with FINDROW? Check for trailing spaces in column header

I recently implemented FINDROW in a table and was unable to get it to return a value, instead getting "#NAME" in the cells where I had entered the FINDROW function.

It turns out that the column header for the column I was referencing (i.e., the column header in the actual table, not the column name as I had written it in the FINDROW function), had a trailing space. This was not obvious, as trailing spaces are not apparent unless you take the time to click to edit the header, and then click at the end of the header to see that there is an empty space between the cursor and the last visible character.

I removed that space, thus ensuring that it matched how I was referring to the column in my FINDROW function. Suddenly, my FINDROW function was returning values.

Hope this helps someone else out there.


Hi @Smitty! Thanks for the builder tip. I personally often run into this issue, and usually have to draft my formulas in a notepad before pasting in the respective fields.

Please continue to share your tips and tricks with the community--they're definitely helpful for us builders :honeybee: :clipboard:

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