Trying to insert multiple rows into table using Zapier Webhook

I'm wondering if anyone has successfully inserted multiple rows in a table using a Zapier webhook to ferry data from another source (in this case, a BI report from Looker).

I have actually gotten data into my Honeycode table, but everything coming through is inserted into one row, instead of into multiple rows, i.e., I have 20 rows of data and two columns coming in, but all 20 rows of values for each column are getting concatenated into one row.

I appreciate any help on this!

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Hi @Smitty indeed the integration with Zapier Webhook implies to send only one row (I had the same challenge on my side). A possible option to send multiple rows (not the most efficient...), could be to link the webhook automation to a button and once you select a row, you click on the button and the selected row is sent through Webhook Zapier.
I should recommend to use Amazon AppFlow, it could be a better option if you want to send multiple rows. I am currently working on AppFlow integration, happy to share my experience.


Thank you @Joel-1ada. Just to clarify, are you referring to data being sent from Honeycode or to Honeycode? In my case, I'm referring to data coming to a Honeycode table.

Hi @Smitty I was refering to data sent from Honeycode to S3 (for instance). I haven't yet tested to send data to Honeycode

Yes! I've done this successfully when logging line items from Shopify orders. Check this tutorial out: How to repeat action(s) in your Zap for a variable number of values | Zapier Community

Basically, you add a Code by Zapier zap that will run for each item in the JSON record coming in.

Thanks @Max ! This looks to have worked. I'm onto other problems to solve now. :wink:


Thanks for your help @Joel-1ada and @Max! It's great to see builders jumping in to support other builders.

@Smitty, it would be great to learn a little more about your use case, and if there's anything our team can do to help you achieve your goals in Honeycode :honeybee:

Thanks @Taylor. I will take you up on that.

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