Unlink Web and Mobile removed a screen

Hi folks,

I unlinked mobile and web displays in my app and lost a screen on the web side. The app side kept four screens and the web side kept three. I thought I might manually correct but it's like the mobile page ended up stuck in both web and mobile.

Anyone seen and/or know how to correct this?

Hi @DevC-79e7,

Thank you for your question! I would be happy to look into this further and provide possible solutions to correct this.

I have a few clarifying questions to help us understand what is happening.

  • Would you be able to clarify the screen numbers before and after the unlink happened?
  • What actions did you make before and after the issue occurred? For example, did the unlinking occur when you pressed the "unlink" button or did you manually delete a screen and try re-adding it again? Was there any error notifications?
  • Additionally, would you be able to provide screenshots?

We would also be happy to help during office hours on Thursday or Friday, you can sign up here.


Hi Tiffany,

I did this in Classic, one workbook and three apps.

In all test cases, I'd end up with -1 screen after clicking unlink. So, if APP-A had four screens, when I unlinked, I'd have four screens in mobile and three on web. in APP-B, if I had five screens, when i unlinked, I'd have five screens in mobile and four in web.

What I did notice on further testing was that I had been leaving my screen selector on a screen that was not first in the stack for the app. If I had my selector on the second or third screen, I'd notice the aforementioned issue. I did some unlinking in another app where I had the first screen selected and had no isssue. It seems like the Unlink has a need for the first screen to be in scope.

I can't screenshot anymore since I have been messing around with this to figure out what happened, but that's what I noted when trying to work it out.

Thank you @DevC-79e7 for answering all my questions! We are further looking into why this occurred. We will respond back once we have the solution.


Hi @DevC-79e7 ,

Thank you so much for your patience. Our team is still looking into the issue. I will follow up again shortly with an update.


Hi @DevC-79e7 ,

Apologies for the delay. While there currently isn't a fix for this issue, there is a workaround option:

  1. Find the automation which navigates TO the screen that is being omitted and temporarily change the navigation destination to something else (i.e. Previous screen).
  2. Let the automation save (just close the automation is enough)
  3. Split the app
  4. Update the original automation to navigate back to the original destination
  5. Update the web version automation to navigate to the cloned destination

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding this process.

Thank you,

Thanks. I found that as long as I had the first screen in the stack currently selected when executing the copy, I had no further issues.

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