URL for app page/item

Hello everyone,

I'm attempting to capture the URL for an item in my application (I have a "details" page for applicants). I'd like to capture the URL for each specific applicant and pass it along to Connect as an reference for a task.

Does anyone know how we can "easily" reference the URL for the app items?


Hi @BradArtman :honeybee:

You can copy the URL of a details screen from the browser, however I know this may not be as efficient or as "easy" as what you're looking for. I follow your concept and need here though; I can see how the ability to easily capture or call the URLs to different details screen could be helpful (I'll pass this along as a feature request to our team).

For a solution, I would instead recommend setting up your Honeycode app to display a list of open tasks for your users. This would allow a user to quickly see the items that need action, and they can simply click on the row item to navigate to the details screen. You can use personalization too, so that the app will only show tasks relevant to particular users.

Hope that helps you set up what you need! Let us know if you have any further questions. :honey_pot: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply!