Using column values as formulas

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I want to use the value of the [FROM_TABLE] column which equals the other tables' names and another column [ROW_ID] for data that will be searched on the tables name. Is this possible?
Thinking of


I've tried this but it can't read it, any suggestions?


I want to use this so I can dynamically get the rows on different tables and have one app screen for approvals on adding/updating on different tables.

Hi @Mark-9007,

Another good question and idea to try in Honeycode, thanks for asking here :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Yes, it is possible to have a screen that calls different rows from different tables, from columns that share the same name. However, I'd be curious to know about your end goal, since there may be easier methods to retrieve and update values. (with perhaps a different set up using rowlinks or filters).

Either way, here's something that can achieve what I believe you're asking. For this, you would need to have a table that stores the values of other tables with filters.

Let's say you have two tables that have columns with shared names (in this example, they share "Name" and "ID" columns:

Now you'll need another table that stores the values of these tables in a filter (and you can follow this method to create any filter of an existing table):

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 12.19.57 PM

Now in Builder, you can create a screen with a picklist to select a table and specify a value in a particular row:

For the row selector value in this example, you can just enter in a number for the ID:

I've also added list that displays the selected table:

And the cells that show the values of the specified row of the table. (I'll note that there is an offset of -1 of the row, since there is a header in the table):

Now you have an app where you can select a table and a row to get the value:

I hope this example is helpful or perhaps inspires how you can build an app with similar concepts.

Let us know too if you have any further questions. :honeybee: