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I can imagine as teams invest more time refining their Honeycode app, we may want to rollback or keep a backup of an old version. Sometimes, maybe even sharing their app as templates to people outside of the company.

Current Situation

We can clone apps from 10s of templates here now. But as far as I can find, there is no way for community members to share templates.


  1. Export/Import feature for apps configuration
  2. A marketplace/repository to publish and reuse templates, much like the Serverless Application Repository for AWS SAM.

Hi @Bill-c58b, welcome to the community! Thank you for the feedback, and yes, we've been hearing similar sentiment regarding these features from others as well. The ability to export/import app configurations and create, share, publish app templates have been and will continue to be shared with our product team. Please keep the ideas coming in!

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Just to expand and support this. We all have lots of apps, tables, screens, and data and I'm concerned that users could change/delete data and we don't have easy access to retrieve old data that we may need.

While we aren't blocked from doing anything, I now have to manually copy all the table data to ensure we have some access to old data. I know someone will say connect to API this, AWS that, etc, but that's beyond my ability. Looking to have a button to download the data to a zip file, either regularly or easily to AWS - without a lot of coding. Ideally this downloads apps and screens.

I can then import any/all of this data to create new workbooks, apps, screens, and tables.


Hi @Allen, really appreciate the added input and example here. Totally understand where you are coming from - manual copying of the data is not ideal. Note that we are diligently tracking the ideas and use cases like yours from every post, so please keep it coming in.

In the meantime, an alternative to you having to manually copy the data from the tables may be to manually make clones of the Workbooks instead. I know this still isn't ideal, but might be less manual intensive than going in the actual tables and copying, plus it comes with the benefit of making a backup of the corresponding apps and automations (along with the data).

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