Using Contact field as a parameter in FindRow

When I refer a plain text field in FindRow formula, it works fine. But if the field type is Contact, it doesnt work.

The following works:

But the following doesnt:

Please help. Also tried using Thisrow()[Rep_Name] instead of cell reference B2

Hi @Zuha-ecba, Welcome to Honeycode!

Could you please confirm if Rep_Name column in Reps table is also formatted as a contact? If so, could you please attach a screenshot of that table as well?


try this...
=findrow(reps, "reps[rep_name]=%, B2[first name])[rep_country]

I think the issue is that B2 doesn't hold a name. It holds an array, of which, one of the objects is a name. It's really easy to lose track of that with rowlinks.

Thanks Andrew. It worked. Why isnt anything written next to your name like "HoneyCode Specialist" ? :slight_smile:

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Andrew's solution worked. Thanks anyway Kamran for looking in to it.

Glad it helped! :slight_smile:

Edit: Unable to add another post, but wanted to +1 what @Kamran posted below. It's much better to use a unique identifier for these kinds of things like an email address. Or simpler yet, always insert a contact into the cell.

Why indeed @AndrewB? :slight_smile:

By using the solution provided by @AndrewB , you will be comparing the string version of the first name which can return incorrect row if you have other people named Zohair. Something to keep in mind.