#VALUE! Error

This is probably an obvious fix, but having an issue when navigating from page A to page B and then back to Page A.
I have a button on Page A (p_Opportunities detail) that when clicked opens a new page (p_Opportunities detail Edit) where on the new page the same record is displayed via the Set Variables. First screenshot below. This works great and use it across various screens for various reasons. I've now decided I'd like a button on Page B (p_Opportunities detail Edit) that takes the user back to Page A (p_Opportunities detail). Essentially just going back, but via a button and the same Set Variable arrangement, but this time pointing to Page A. This is in second screenshot.

However, this second one does not work. It takes me to the right page, but in the filter field (InputRow) at the top, it says #VALUE! and no data below is displayed. So, how did I screw this up? Note, both pages use the same underlying table and value for InputRow - which is why going from A to B works.


i think i fixed it. new button wasn't in the block

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Interesting. So you can't access a variable from a button unless it's inside the same block?

Actually, I just did some more testing. Originally it was in a blank block as that's where the builder put it when I added or pasted a new button. The blank block did not have a source. When I moved it into the block that was already there, it had a source of "=$[InputRow]" and the button worked there. So that was the issue. I can move it into it's own block, but I need to make sure the block source is completed and valid.

Ah I see, that makes sense.

I was interested in your post as I'm currently creating an edit screen myself. It's a bit more complicated to achieve than I'd like, but I think I've nailed it.

The first method is the same as yours, where you navigate to a separate screen and have all the fields editable, which you can manipulate and then return to the previous screen.

The second method is to have an edit button that "unlocks" the fields on the same screen, without having to navigate away .

I feel like the second method is cleaner from a user experience perspective, but it takes a lot more effort to achieve.

I do like your method. I may revisit it now that I've got the app rolling out. First method was just very quick and easy, but agree the button to stay on the same page is a better option. That'll be my v2 app!

I'd love to take credit for it, but I discovered it in someone else's app. If you want to take a look, you can see an example of it in the Field Service Agent workbook template.

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