What happens after 100,000 rows?

Hi Guys,

I am not sure whether it has been asked before. But for my case, our production orders will exceed 100,000 rows after about 2 years. The 29.90 is only max 100,000 rows.

So what will happen to my app / workbook? How can we scale ?

Hi @Hend-f5b4, welcome to the community! :smiley: :honeybee:

We appreciate your question :slight_smile:

For an idea, you could export data as you approach your row limits to another service, such as S3, using Amazon AppFlow or Zapier. This could be an option to archive the data, allowing your workbook to store most recent or relevant data. Here's more information on how to integrate Honeycode with Zapier or Amazon AppFlow:

Hope that idea helps! If you have further questions, we're happy to learn more about your use case to see how we can further assist. :honey_pot: