When created 4th column in table, not updated in the app in the form

I created a 4th column in the table and when I want to give input to the form with button, it doesn't have the fourth column as an option popped up.

Hey @RamyaKoya, we have a detailed article on creating forms with Honeycode. Could you take a look and point me to the step in which you're experiencing this issue?

Created this sheet with 4 columns and filled them till 3rd row.

Here I am getting only 3 inputs, I have 4 columns in my data table, why is it not picking up the 4th cokumn as an input file.

Hi @RamyaKoya, Just wanted to follow up on this. In app builder, where you design the app, you should be able to go to your Table1 form and add another data cell for your Covid Result column. For example:

  1. Here's a table:
  2. And here's the form without the added field
  3. In builder, I simply copy and paste the existing block and then change the data source of the title variable and rename the other variable
  4. Now back to the form, notice the new field
  5. An important step is to update the automation associated with the Done button. You basically want to add another step to update the table with the data that the user provided in the form

Hope this helps!