You're invited to our History, Audit Trails, Before and After workshop on April 14th!

Workshop: History, Audit Trails, Before and After

In collaborative apps, you'll want to sometimes keep track of data as it changes, or you'll want to know who did what in the application. In Amazon Honeycode, you can easily track history. In this workshop, we'll create a history table and save data as it changes to it. We'll also create an audit trail to keep track of who pressed what button when. We'll then take a simple set of song records, and show possible patterns for tracking changes. We'll also cover how to track history at the table level and at the application level. Finally, we'll create an audit trail screen where you can view the history and filter by actions and sort by dates. Once you see these easy patterns, you’ll want to put audit trails in all of your apps.

Date & Time: Click to view recording
Duration: 28 minutes

Thanks to all who joined!

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woohoo i got to watch it!


That's great! We'll upload the recorded video for everyone to watch in the coming weeks :video_camera: