Zapier loses its connection to HoneyCode

Every couple days, since my usage of the Zapier to HoneyCode zap has increased, I frequently lose my connection in Zapier to HoneyCode. This isn't a Zapier issue, it's a HoneyCode issue of some sort.

Is this something that anyone else has experience or has a solution for? It really disrupts my workflow to have to reconnect it and delay hundreds of zaps. I normally run about 1,000 tasks through this a day, if that matters.

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Hi @Mike-3bc0, thank you for reporting this and I'm sorry to hear about your disconnect/reconnect issues. We'd like to explore this a bit further to determine what they issue may be. Could you help with this by submitting an issue report through the Honeycode help panel? Thanks!

I did this, but haven't received a response.

Hi @Mike-3bc0, we've received your submission, thanks for sending that over. Our engineering team will investigate the matter and we will be in touch if we need any additional information.