A variable has a different behavior comparing with "contract Tracker" template

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when i import this app i see filter has multiple datacell with type rowlink & picklist. Then that is used by the Source of the TASKLIST. And in the comparison use a part for example: A_Projects [Project Type] = $ [ProjectType], where $ [ProjectType] is the picklist that stores the chosen value. But when I want to replicate something identical only by accessing my own TABLES from my APP, it doesn't work for me: MY_TABLE [mycolumn] = $ [picklist_mycolumn] I have to specify the column to the picklist, like this: MY_TABLE [mycolumn] = $ [picklist_mycolumn] [mycolumn]. In summary, why in the template the picklist works fine as $ [variablepicklist] returning the chosen value, but in my case I have to put: $ [variablepicklist] [field_name], where field_name is the displayed field of the sourcetable used by the picklist.

Hi @Javi-1285,

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Content Tracker template appears to be the one that you are referring to.

It might be that the difference you're experiencing is caused by the use of Rowlink in the table column from which you're accessing the data. As an example, I will use Content Tracker template. On the screenshot below, the data is being pulled from a table called M_ProjectType.

The M_ProjectType table has a column called Type that is not a Rowlink (see below screenshot). As a result, when you select a value from the dropdown, the $[ProjectType] field will actually be storing a dereferenced value instead of a Rowlink. With this implementation, you no longer need to dereference the value of $[ProjectType] when using it in a Tasklist filter expression.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 3.28.03 PM

You can learn more about dereference values by visiting the following articles:


Hopefully this is helpful.

Thank you very much!!!. It's all ok.

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Hi @Javi-1285,

It's great to hear that it's working for you. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.