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I would have posted this on the original thread; however, it was closed for replies. Has there been any movement on this feature? I have an app user that only uses an iPad and is having a difficult time getting access to joining my team and thus my app.

Hi @DannyHoney, currently, you're able to add members to your team via an email address. You can review Adding Team Members for more details on how to achieve this step.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder's tips: New team members will be sent an email inviting them to join Honeycode, if not already signed up, and to be added to your team.

  • Please note that invites expire after 14 days. If the invitation has not been accepted in that time, you can resend it from the Teams page.
  • You can send reminders or change team members’ roles, even if the invite is pending acceptance.
  • If the invitee doesn't receive the email, confirm the email address sent to is typed correctly.
  • If the email is correct, have them check their spam folder.
  • Team members must sign up for Honeycode using the same email address as the invite and verify their email address. The verification email is sent shortly after creating an account.
  • Once logged into Honeycode, the new team member will see a pending team invite to accept.

I'll add your feedback to the original feature request for the Product team to review, as I can see how this would improve the process.

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I've signed up dozens of client users via TEAM invites, and it's always worked great. Now I have a user in the SAME email domain as other Client members who never sees ANY of my invites. Not in Spam. Not anywhere. Any recommended work-arounds to this issue. My client has verified that their Honeycode login is the SAME as the one I'm sending to AND that they can log in with that user email name. So I know everything is set up right. I've resend several times over the past week to no avail. -Paul Levy @HoneyBot

Welcome to our community, @HoneyBot! Your invitee should see a pending team invite to accept once he or she is logged into Honeycode. Keep in mind the invites expire after 14-days, and it must be the same email the member used to join Honeycode.

If your team member is still experiencing this issue after following the instructions, please have him or her submit a support request from inside of the product on the web version: My Drive > click on the "?" in the bottom left-hand corner > Report an issue

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