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If you're looking for an app to help manage your recruiting process, you've come to the right place. The Applicant Tracker template comes with two apps:

  • The Jobs app is designed for both recruiters and hiring managers. With this app, users can create entries for job postings, customize job posting details, create a list of applicants, match applicants to a job posting they applied for, and make a hiring decision based on interviewers' feedback.

  • The Interviews app is designed for interviewers. They can accept/decline interviews, provide feedback from the interview, and can endorse or discourage candidacy by voting Yes or No for an applicant.

Getting Started

Click here or select the Applicant Tracker template when starting a new workbook.

App organization

Jobs app

The Jobs tab has a few main components:

  1. Users can create new job postings by clicking the + Add button and filling out the form.

  2. Users can click on the job postings and view the Job details (i.e. job description). After scrolling to the bottom, users can see active applicants, schedule new interviews for new applicants, and delete the job posting.

  1. To hire or reject an applicant, start at the Jobs tab > click on the job title to go to the Job detail screen > scroll down to the Active Applicants > click on the applicant's name > enter feedback > click Reject :-1: or Hire :+1:

The Applicants tab has several features:

  1. Users can add new applicants to the list by clicking the + Add button.

  1. Users can click on an applicant to go to the Applicant detail screen. Here you can access their contact information, see what jobs they have applied to, match them to a different job they are better suited for, delete the applicant.

Interviews app

The Interviews app has several features:

  1. Users can click on new interviews, accept or decline the interview, provide interview feedback, and suggest a hiring decision with the Yes or No button.

  1. Users can also review declined interviews and previously completed interviews. (Note: once an interview is in the completed section, the user cannot make edits).


There are three table automations that will send out email notifications:

  1. Interview reminder sends an email notification to the interviewer 15 minutes prior to interview.
  2. Interview updates sends an email notification to interviewer whenever the time and date of an interview changes.
  3. New interview sends an email notification to the requested interviewer when a new interview has been scheduled prompting the interviewer to accept or decline the interview.

The Interviews app has two app automations triggered by buttons that will send out email notifications to the hiring manager:

  1. The hiring manager will get notified if an interviewer clicks the Decline button for an interview assignment.

  1. The hiring manager will get notified when an interviewer clicks the Yes :+1: or No :-1: buttons for their recommendation on the candidate.

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