Badges & How to Earn Them

Hi Honeycoders,

Badges are the bee's knees on our forum, and we'd like to highlight and share how we’ll be offering various ways you can earn them. You’ve probably noticed that we have existing badges you've earned from completing your profile and receiving your first like. In addition to the starter badges, we’re going to be adding new and limited edition badges for you to attain by participating on our forum and recurring community events!

  • What are badges? Think of badges as achievements you earn over time. They live on your Community Profile, which you can reference at any time. Badges are made up of three different classes: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each badge group will display Bronze badges first, Silver second, and Gold third on your Community Profile. The class type reflects how difficult the badge is to acquire, with Gold being the most challenging.
  • How can I earn badges? You can earn badges by joining a conversation, participating in community programs, and exploring all that the forum has to offer, plus more. Starting this week, we’ll be introducing various events you can participate in to earn the new, limited edition badges. You may also earn a special badge simply by lending a helping hand to a fellow community member or sharing a clip of your creative process.
  • What can I do with badges? Badges are profile “flair” that indicate your contributions to the community and our forum. When you earn a new badge, you’ll be notified on your forum Profile > Notifications. To see the full list of badges you’ve earned, click here. You can also click on the three vertical dots next to your Profile Avatar > Badges to see the full list of badges.

We hope you enjoy earning badges, and stay tuned for more opportunities to earn more!

Honeycode Team

P.S. If you haven’t already, complete your Community Profile to quickly earn the Autobiographer badge!