Can HoneyCode apps be only used by team members?

I am a little confused about sharing apps that I create using Honeycode. Normally we create apps and publish them on Playstore or IoS App store and anybody can download and use them. But can Honeycode only be used by people with whom I share the app? I am also confused about Team members. Can I only share the apps with team members? and the free version can have upto 20 team members? Does this mean 20 users only?

Hello and welcome to our community, @Mano-60d5! Currently, you're able to share your Honeycode workbooks and apps with team members who've been added to your team. Adding Team Members will for further into detail and show you how to add members.

You are correct that the free plan will support up to 20 team members; however, you can upgrade to the Plus or Pro to add more folks. Our Upgrading Your Team Plan article explains how to upgrade your current plan from within Honeycode.

Let us know if we can help in any other way :honeybee: