Cannot update Table Row. It adds a new Row instead

I am not able to update a table row with an automation ran with a button click. I have followed the steps correctly and also looked at the forum for any answers but can't find any. I am attaching screen recording showing my setup.

Please help.out

Hi @Syed-ded5,

I had a similar issue, it might be useful to review this discussion:

It was resolved although to be honest I don't think I had done it wrong, but somehow rebuilding it from scratch did the trick.

Good luck


HI @Syed-ded5, welcome to the community! I would also recommend that you check out the link that @Matt_BicycleBook had provided, specifically this post within the topic, as it may be the solution for you.

I also wanted to ask though, is it a requirement to capture the time stamp (last updated) whenever there is a change? If not I was thinking that it could be simpler if you just had the user update the data in the table directly by making the data cell editable.

Anyway, let us know how it goes!

It is kind of sad that this issue still persists 2 years later, solving this by rebuilding the button from scratch is kind of depressing if you already have too many existing automation functions for a button. I hope HC team will look onto this.