Concept of app builder and end user

Hello all, in my opinion there is a basic functionality missing unless I haven't figured out how to do it. For an app in the real world there is normally a builder who implements the app and then there are end users who use the app. With the invitation model in HoneyCode an end user can change/build apps. For example, say I am the owner of a cleaning company and I build an app. My manager and cleaners are end users of the app and I only want them to use the live app and don't want to mess up with the app or data. Is this a fundamental feature the product team should add or is there a way to achieve it ?

I just found out that app user cannot edit the app. So that covers my use case. Thank you.

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Hello and welcome to our community, @Rasi-d50e! I'm glad you were able to find an answer to your question. I recommend you read our Sharing Workbooks & Apps article to get more information around sharing Workbooks and apps with members.

Let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with :honeybee:

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