Controlling access?

Is it possible to restrict who can see what data in the app? For example if I have multiple projects that have the same tasks, shared PMs, etc - but I don't want them to see each other's project information - can I make certain tabs of data accessible by only certain users?

I'm just a user of Honeycode and from my experience, you can do that by using the $SYS_USER variable, which gives the current app user. You will have to maintain a table to map what "role" or 'page' each user is allowed to access though.

I'd like to know what the experts think so :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Where did you find this? I can't find it in the documentation...?

Hi @Klin-be31, welcome to the community! Personalization should help you achieve this: How to Personalize App Views

Basically each row (project task in your case) would have an assignee column, and then in app builder you could personalize the list view to show only app user-specific data of assignee.

Hope this helps!

cc: @sin.ak