Duplicate App

  • What’s your feature request? “Duplicate App by copy & paste in the My Drive view.”

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve? “I want to make some changes to my app but would like to test it before adjusting the live app. By creating a copy I would have the existing layout and functionality, use the same underlying tables but could add new features without breaking the app. Once I'm comfortable with the app I could delete the old one and rename the new one to make that live.”

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked? “Since I cannot create a copy of the app I either have to edit the existing live app, or create a copy of the screen I'm editing and modify that. The downside of that is if I delete the old screen and rename the new one, all other screens referencing the old screen break. Plus this way users can still see those experimental screens I'm working on.”

Hi @Andras, thank you for submitting this feature request. I just wanted to bring this article to your attention as it might help with the use case you've described: Test and Preview in Honeycode. We have a variety of options that enable builders to test before going live, and hopefully one or more of these will help.

Please let us know if this is not meeting your need.

Hi @aj , thanks for your reply. That makes sense, I was trying to duplicate the App and assumed that both apps would then use the same tables, instead I have to duplicate the Workbook.

The article you linked helps, but it says the following:

From My Drive , click the app's or workbook's ellipsis.

However, on the https://builder.honeycode.aws/ main page there's no duplicate option for the app, it's only for the workbook.

If I'm inside the Workbook, then in the Apps section I can duplicate the app, but not from the main page. Could you please look into this?

Hi @Andras, that's a good catch. Today this is by design but I will pass this feedback of having a more consistent app-duplication experience in and out of the workbook on to our product team. Keep the ideas coming in!

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