Employee Onboarding Template

This Employee Onboarding template is fully equipped to keep your new employee's onboarding experience seamless and organized. It comes with two apps, one for the employee and one for the manager.

The Onboarding for Employees app will display all their tasks along with due dates, any details you want to mention, and a button to mark as complete.

With the Onboarding for Managers app, you can create a custom onboarding plan for your new hire or use a prebuilt plan template.

Getting started

Click here or select the Employee Onboarding template when creating a new workbook.

App Screenshots & Data Organization

The Onboarding for Employees app has two primary screens:

  1. The My Tasks screen allows the employee to see a holistic view of their tasks. The user can click on a task that navigates them to the Tasks Detail screen.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: Check out the List Object's Actions tab in the Properties panel to see how the automation uses the =THISROW() function and =$[InputRow] variable to pass the variable data from the My Tasks screen to the Tasks Detail screen.

  1. The New Task screen allows the employee to add their own, personal tasks in addition to the ones the manager added. Whether they need to order some supplies, submit a form to HR, or walk the dog, they can add it here.

The Onboarding for Managers app

  1. The My Plans screen maintains a list of the manager's employee plans. Its data source is filtering the Onboarding_Plans table.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: You can click on a plan to see the list of associated tasks.

  1. The Plan Templates screen shows prebuilt templates. The data source is filtering Onboarding_Template table.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: Clicking on a template brings you to a detail screen where you can add new tasks to the template, delete the template, copy the template and drill into tasks to view/edit them.

Happy Onboarding!

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