Honeycode Releases & Updates | Employee Onboarding Template

Hi Honeycoders,

The Employee Onboarding Template was our top pick on the template poll, and today we’re thrilled to announce it’s live! Our latest template is fully equipped to keep the onboarding experience seamless and organized for your new employees and team members. It comes with two apps, one for the employee and one for the manager.

Template Overview:

  • The Onboarding for Employees app will display all of their tasks along with due dates, any details you want to mention, and a button to mark as complete.
  • With the Onboarding for Managers app, you can create a custom onboarding plan for your new hire or use a prebuilt plan template.

To access the template, click on the blue ‘Create workbook’ button from My Drive in the upper right-hand corner > Employee Onboarding.

You can of course edit the template to best fit your use case and needs, such as for new hires and internal transfers—let us know how we can help along the way. For more information on the Employee Onboarding Template, you can read our Employee Onboarding Template article.

We hope you enjoy our Employee Onboarding Template! Be sure to share your feedback with us on how we can improve your experience with the template, and keep an eye out for more of them in the near future.

Happy building!

Honeycode Team