Filter Unique Values

Is there a way to filter unique values on a column?

Hi @Jimballoon :slight_smile:

In Honeycode, the first column of a table should be set up to contain unique values, and you can then use a FILTER() to identify how many rows that unique value appears.

For example, if you had a table of colors, each unique color value would be in the first column.
Then a filter can be set up to show rows that contain that color value in another table:

Hope this example helps! Let us know if you have any further questions. :honey_pot:


Hello Alyssa, thanks for the answer, I have another question on the same topic, in an app using a column list, how can I show the elements of the column without showing the repeated ones, for example in the column I have the following values ​​Juan, Juan, Juan, Pedro, Pedro, Carlos, Carlos and I want the column list to show me only Juan, Pedro and Carlos.
And the other question in the example you mention shows the number of repeated elements, how can I show a detail table
in an app

Hi @emil-b83d :slight_smile:

You'll want to set up a table of only the unique values (for your use case, each user's name in a People table), with a column of the filtered count of how many times that user appears in another table. With that set up, you can create a column list of the table of unique values.

For your second question, if you wish for the details screen of that unique user list to show each row that user's name appears in another table, you can create a list object on the details screen and set the source as the filtered column. The source formula of that list on the details screen would look like: =$[InputRow][NameofColumnWithFilter]

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :honeybee: :honey_pot: