Holiday Request Template

Does anybody know how to create a formula where a holiday request goes to more than one approver?


Hi @anon63353333 welcome to the community! :wave:

Do you have an app created specifically for your approvers? If you do, you can create specific views for your approvers to view certain holiday requests related to them. We have a template named PO Approvals that creates a workflow where requests go through a set of manager approvers. This can be a great starting point for you to learn about the set up.

If you take a look at the ‘M_Approvers’ table in the template, this is where the list of manager approvers are created in relation to requests for a specific project.

In app builder for the ‘PO Mgr’ app, you can see that a filter formula is created so that the manager approver only sees requests related to a project that they are assigned to:

Note: in the formula it utilizes $[SYS_USER]. Check out this article to learn more about this variable.

I’d recommend taking a look and testing this template out to see how it works. It will help guide you on how you can build your tables and then the app that sits on top of that data.

If you have a specific scenario in mind that you need help with, let us know the details about your set up and what you are looking to do. The community is here to support you on your building journey! :hammer_and_wrench:

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