Honeycode exits on my iPhone

Haven't used it in a year. Tried to run it on my iPhone, but after briefly showing me my apps, it exits to the iPhone homescreen. I tried reinstalling it, but that did not help.

Hi @DennisK, nice to see you here again! :honeybee:

Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing. Is the web version of Honeycode working correctly for you? If so, please submit this to us an issue report on the web version (click on the Help icon > "Report an issue", include info about your mobile device). We can then take a look of may be going on your mobile version.

Hi Alyssa,

Web account works fine. Just tried my phone and still misbehaving. Will go file a report.


Received, thank you for submitting that, @DennisK :honeybee:

Our team will take a look into the issue report. Also, just to check, have you updated your iOS to the latest version? Here's what we currently support on mobile: Honeycode Browser & Mobile Support

Yep. 15.3.1 of iOS

Thank you for confirming, @DennisK; We'll take a look and be in touch with you privately with any findings.

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I decided to do a little debugging from this end. I deleted the Honeycode App from my phone and reinstalled, but this time with another Honecode account that I have. This one has only two apps on the dashboard and nothing crashes. So, my best guess at the moment is that the problem is the number of Workbooks/Apps in my account, which at the moment is 24. I deleted a couple of them to get to 24 and that did not help.

Thank you for the additional info, @DennisK; Our team has reached out to you privately with an update. :honey_pot: :honeybee:

I haven't heard much on this. I will check my app on my phone and if it's still crashing, I will start deleting unneeded workbooks since the phone app doesn't crash when I log in with a different account that has less workbooks/apps.

Hi @DennisK,

Thank you for following up. We had an update go through last month that should prevent this from happening. If the behavior persists, please let us know by submitting a report (click on the Help icon > "Report an issue", include info about your mobile device), and we will be happy to open up a new investigation.



Hi Dan,

There are a few Honeycode apps developed by other teams that are visible on my mobile Honeycode but not on my browser. My bet is that the apps or workbooks have been deleted by the owners of the other teams as my browser suggests, but the mobile version of Honeycode exits when it tries to reconcile its records of a non-existent mobile app.


Thanks for the update, @DennisK. I'll share this with the engineering team. Are you able to open the mobile apps you need access to?