How to search table depend on parameters

My table contain few column which is Date, Item, Amount. I build an apps which contain 2 date object and 1 button. When user select a date and click a button, I need search the table where the date is fall between the date selected by user. How I can build this apps? How the action and trigger should perform?

hi @Deri-5515, welcome to Honeycode and to the forum,

If I understand correctly, you are looking to create a filter that will let you show only records between two dates. Let's assume that you have a table called PHours, with a field called Date, as well as two fields, StartDate and EndDate defined on the screen. Here is the formula you need to set on the list object so it filters correctly.

=Filter(PHours,"((PHours[Date]>=$[StartDate] OR $[StartDate]="""") AND (PHours[Date] <= $[EndDate] OR $[EndDate]=""""))")

Here is what it looks like in my test app:

In my case I used the out of the box filter capability when dropping the PHours List object, and then added the second field EndDate (and modified the name of the first field to StartDate for consistency sake).

Hope this helps.

Hi DanielTet, may I know it is when user select the start date and end date; the list will auto filter itself? I no need add any button to it, right?

Hi @Deri-5515, this might help as well: How to present a screen with summary totals

Correct, @Deri-5515, the table will update automatically. See @aj given example as he has added animated images to show the table updating automatically. The Reset button in my example is there to reset the Date fields to empty. (i.e. the action sets local variables StartDate and EndDate ="").

Hope this helps.

Thanks @DanielTet.