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Since you don't support images yet, is it possible to support "links" to an image (possibly stored in a shared location like DropBox?

Hi @DanH-6b81 thanks for your question and welcome to the community! On your question, yes, it is possible to use links. You could just put links in a separate Links column, for instance, and choose to display that in your app. As long as they are complete URLs, your app users can click on them to navigate to the appropriate images in their browsers. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.

Can you share your plans for image support in the "app"? I think being able to display a thumbnail of the product or subject of the record would be useful in many use cases.


I will take this as there are no plans to improve Honeycode with image support!

Hi @DanH-6b81, thanks for your inquiry! We've received similar feedback to support images from other builders. At this time, we don't have an ETA or timeline to disclose; however, I'll include your comments on the feature request for the team. You can also take a peek at the How to add Images? topic to see other suggestions :honeybee:

I am not asking for static images; I need to have an image linked to a record; the image will be dynamic in that it may be edited during the workflow. It is mainly a thumbnail representative to ensure the user knows what record is being worked on. It will need to have a "hyperlink" such that clicking on it will launch it either in a browser or an editing application associated with the file type.

Thanks for expanding further on your use case @DanH-6b81. At this time and speaking broadly, Honeycode does not support images.

Please continue to let us know if there's anything we can do to help you on your builder journey :slight_smile:

Just to further elaborate the use case:
User starts in an Adobe app, when they save the file, our extension (Tag-It!) traps the save and displays a dialog to collect data from the user which we embed in the file as XMP metadata, we then create a thumbnail (JPG or PNG) which also have the metadata embedded. We the call a URL using a RESTful API and send the thumbnail and the metadata as XML in a JSON object. We would like to place the metadata in the Honeycode table, place the original file path in an additional field (as a link) and place the thumbnail in a location where Honeycode would display the thumbnail in the UI when this record is accessed. For non-Adobe users, we have a Desktop drag&drop UI which provides the same functionality as long as the file type supports XMP metadata. This would let you advertise a Adobe CC2020 integration!

Hey @DanH-6b81 that's a really cool use case! Thanks for sharing it with us. Let me break this down a little bit to see what's possible with Honeycode.

  1. Place the metadata in a Honeycode table: :white_check_mark: doable with the InvokeScreenAutomation API (please refer to the Getting Started with Honeycode APIs article for more details)
  2. Place the thumbnail in a common location: :white_check_mark: doable, but you'd have to do this completely outside of Honeycode, I imagine you need an orchestration service of some sort that places the image in a S3 bucket, for instance.
  3. Display thumbnail in Honeycode UI: :no_entry: this is currently not possible, although you can embed a link that your users can then click on to access the thumbnail separately in a browser window.

I know this is less than ideal, but I think this is the best we can do until we support images natively in Honeycode. If the above sounds like it meets your needs, then I'd probably start with an orchestration service, perhaps something that has an Amazon API gateway endpoint, and an AWS Lambda execution environment. In other words, an API Gateway REST API with Lambda integration. The Tag-It! extention would then call this REST API end point. Once invoked, your script would first upload the thumbnail to a S3 bucket and perhaps get a presigned URL for the image you uploaded. Then, your script could parse the XML, and call InvokeScreenAutomation API to write all the contents of the XML, and the pre-signed S3 URL for the image thumbnail you uploaded, into a Honeycode table. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have follow-up questions!

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