Launch Manager Template

Tired of managing launches through emails, meetings and a variety of software? Do you wish you had a single source of truth for tracking? Do you wish you had an app for that?

Honeycode's Launch Manager template is designed specifically to help your organization mitigate the mess and get a new product or project off the ground with clear, centralized tracking.

You can customize this template and share it with those that need visibility into tasks, milestones, workstreams, owners, statuses and more!

Getting started

Click here or select the Launch Manager template when creating a new workbook.

Screens & app organization

The Launch screen is your home base in the app and contains:

  1. Dashboard: provides a snapshot of tasks in this launch and allows you to jump to the list of tasks for each status.
  2. Description: describes the name, purpose, target date, and status of the launch.
  3. Milestones: outlines the major sequence of events. Milestones can have several associated tasks.
  4. Contributors: these are the people you can add as responsible for various Tasks in the program
  5. Workstreams: Another way to break up tasks in your program

The Tasks screen is where the team will do most of the day to day work. Here you can:

  1. Filter the tasks by Status, Milestone, Progress and even Team or Owner
  2. Change Status and provide updates in the Status Notes field.

The colorful interface shows you the Tasks with no status first (Blue), the blocked Tasks (Red), the warnings (Yellow), and the tasks that are on track (Green).

  1. You can click on Tasks to edit them.

Data Model

Explore the template and use with your team

To Explore:

  1. Navigate the live app and edit the sample tasks.

  2. Look at the app in the builder to see how the Accordion and Task Details show/hide works.

To use this with your team:

  1. Go to the Help screen and click on “Go To Settings” to setup the correct Administrators, Teams, Roles to match your organization. Also edit the meaning of the Red, Yellow, Green, Blue statuses on the Help screen.

  2. Add yourself as an Administrator, and include your contact information so that it appears on the Help screen.

  3. Customize the Sample launch with a Name, Description, Dates, Tasks, Milestones and Workstreams in builder and in the tables.

  4. Share the app and get feedback

  5. Use on a regular basis during status meetings, and track Status on each task.

To extend this app:

  1. Customize the sample launch plan to your needs and share. The application only supports one launch at a time currently.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: To extend the current app to support many launches at the same time. You would have to create an “Add Launch” screen and make the launch name selectable on the Task and Launch screens. You may also want to take advantage of the Contributors column in the Launches table to limit the drop down list only to the launches one has been added to.

  1. Copy a new workbook for each launch, and manage separate users, tasks an teams with separate workbooks. Make sure to name each app for the specific program you are managing in that workbook.
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