Looking for an overview of the latest features in Honeycode

@DanielTet Thanks for your kind support two months ago. I really appreciate it. Would you please provide me the latest features/updates in honeycode? It's better if you can provide me a sort of presentation product like PowerPoint.

Hi @puma, so glad you are keeping an eye on what's new in Honeycode. While we do not have a presentation we can share, here are some updates an improvements we've made recently:

  • New template, titled: "Employee Onboarding"
  • Several fixes to app sharing, email notification, and first time user experience
  • Improvements and fixes to App Wizard and Automation tools

We have also been working to understand the customer feature requests and start to build a roadmap of features. There is no major announcement yet, but when there is one we will be making a note on our announcements page https://honeycodecommunity.aws/c/announcements

Hope this helps, stay tuned.

Hi @DanielTet. Thanks for your answer.

Actually, we're very interested in AWS honeycode and as a software engineer, I'd like to receive your help to collect the biggest challenges in building applications using the honeycode service and making use of it. I am preparing for a PPT product for our junior developer. Can you please provide me the biggest challenges?

Hi @puma, I see what you mean, basically you want to know what challenges does one need to overcome, or what skills do they need to have to be successful with honeycode.

First on the challenges:

  • Basic data modeling - one of the biggest things I see new people struggling with is how to model data right. Dropping a spreadsheet into Honeycode is a good place to start but by no means does it produce a well built application. I think you should understand 3rd normal form and how to implement something as One-to-one, One-to-many, and many-to-many with references (or rowlinks in Honeycode lingo)
  • Understanding a bit about what looks good and how to make things simple and ergonomic. A lot of this can be done with a style guide, but still designing for simplicity can be challenging. Focusing on mobile first design of the pages is also a good constraint as it helps you simplify a lot.
  • Understanding FILTER/FINDROW/FINDLASTROW are pretty key to getting anything meaningful done in Honeycode. These are like SQL queries but the syntax is a bit different.

That's a good start IMHO. If you master these you are well on your way to building useful apps. LMK if you need more info on this subject.


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