Make EU GDPR compliant applications

Topic to discuss share information and advice to allow to deal with user privacy and follow General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles when building Honeycode applications.

Thank you for the feedback, @brunormoura! We appreciate you sharing your request with us. I’ll pass your feedback along to our Product Team for consideration.

Hi Taylor,
Like @brunormoura, I'm also interested in this and therefore am looking to base my Honeycode app on servers within the EU. Is there an expected timeline for this to happen please?

Hi @anon3742227, thanks for joining the conversation! We don't have a timeline to share right now, but note that we're planning further performance improvements for countries outside of the US by adding additional capacity in more AWS locations in the future. Do check back for updates :honeybee:

definitely keeping an eye on this thread! Only just found honeycode but it ticks plenty of boxes for me :slight_smile:


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