Manufacturing Management Ideas

Hi all,

I am embarking on a new project for a small, simple manufacturing company. They currently organize everything by sending emails manually. I've thought through how I would like to do this, and these are the main functionalities I think I am looking for (open to suggestions):

  • Simple inventory management (maybe just a button to alert management when a certain item is getting low as well as a daily list of low inventory)
  • A master table with all orders, and whether they have been completed or not
  • The ability for employees to select their next order to manufacture, and then have that be approved by management
  • A way for each order to link to instructions on a website (until Honeycode can house PDFs)
  • A secondary list of orders that have been completed and are ready for delivery
  • The ability for delivery specialists to select which orders they want to ship, etc.
  • A place for notes related to each order that can be viewed as a chat log between employees / management

To be honest, I have very little experience in manufacturing and am unsure of what I need to do this. Any input would be appreciated!


Hey Jared - that list sounds like a very good starting point to me! We've had other users on this forum build inventory management use cases, for example here's one: How to carry some data from a screen to another one, if you'd like to swap notes. We'd love to see what you build, if you are able to share, here: Show us your apps!. Good luck!

Hey @RajeshGoli - thanks for sharing those with me! Any input on how you would structure this app?

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Hey @Jared that's a good question. Personally, I find that apps come out best when working back from customers. Are there some internal or external customers that will use the app? Getting their sense on what are some of the most common tasks, how often they'd perform various types of tasks would be good input here. Once I have some sense of this, I'd like to structure the app so that the most frequently performed tasks and tasks that go with each other are available most easily - usually as summaries or buttons on the home screen. For each of your bullets, similarly, there can be top-level screens that guide users to various actions that are possible.

For example, inventory management, can be a top level screen, with perhaps a summary view on the home screen, depending on what users do frequently. You can also use some patterns from the inventory management template here. For orders, similarly, users could start with a high level summary on the home screen and drill down further. You could use patterns in either the customer tracker or field service agent templates to build this out further.

Hope this helps! We'd love to see your progress as you develop the app!

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Any progress on Manufacturing App?

Hey @Nare-fad2 - Welcome to Honeycode!

I haven't begun the actual "coding" yet, but have a fairly detailed schema built in Excel. I think my next moves will be to connect with my manufacturing consumers and see what they have to say. This is a pet project of mine, and my end user is not in a rush to get to it, so I don't plan to really work on this hard core for a few months.

Thanks for asking, though! Are you building one yourself?


Hey @Jared, Yes I am planning to build one.. so exploring if anyone has already done.. I have 20+ years of experience in implementing manufacturing software solutions. So currently working on factory automation software. So looking to create a MVP with honey code.. If you need any support let me know..

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@Nare-fad2 - absolutely will do. Thanks!

Hi @Jared and @Nare-fad2, how's the manufacturing use case(s) coming along? Anything we can help with?

Still in defining usecases.. looking for BOM Mgmt solution.. creating a hierarchy of parts. Any ideas..

Hey @Nare-fad2, are you seeking a data/table model recommendation for a BOM management solution? If so, curious in your thoughts about the specifics of that. For example, what attributes would be associated with each item? While these may not be directly applicable, I've seen other BOM-like topics in our community. These are mostly associated with food and ingredients, but perhaps conceptually the idea still applies. For example: Multiple Rows Entered not triggering automation and Complex BOM structure.

Hey @aj, Yes I am very much interested in exploring on BOM creation. This is starting point ofr Manufacturing solution.
Here are my high level requirements

  1. BOM hierarchy - multi level hierarchy with parent child relationship
  2. Unique - combination of Type, Name, Revision
  3. One item may have multiple revision
  4. Each item can be associated with multiple properties as per customer requirements.

hey @Nare-fad2, thanks for sharing the example. Let me explore a table design for this and follow up soon!

@aj, thanks a lot.. looking forward for your support.