Migrating classic apps to New experience

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Is it possible to move our existing apps to new experience?

Hi @San ,

As far as I know, it not possible to migrate existing app to new experience.

It would be a nice feature if migration is possible.

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How to use existing table/workbooks using new experience? Please do say I need to start from the scratch

I've burned several hours crafting some apps and it will be great if there was a way to migrate them as painless as possible to the new user experience.

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I have been going through some of the articles and one of the article provide clear answer to above question. Looks like currently the only option is to create apps from scratch in new experience but as I read it, Honeycode team may come up with some solution to migrate in near future. Below is the snippet from article:

I like it! Can I move my old apps to the new experience?

We created this new experience with the goal of empowering you to easily build and customize your apps faster. The feature set currently available may limit your ability to fully transition your classic apps immediately. Our teams will continue to introduce additional features and capabilities. As always, we are here in the community to help.


Thank you all for the lively discussion! We are in the early stages of developing the new experience and welcome your feedback here.

Honeycode's roadmap for the new experience is open and flexible. This allows our customer's feedback to directly influence how we build our service.

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Thank You! I am ready to port one of my Purchase app to new experience. Once new experience gets promoted to Prod:

  1. First new experience app should be able to existing tables
  2. If we can migrate from classic to new that would be Great
  3. for our purchase app which used by business on daily basis; if we can attach the photo via; that would be game changer for us. We are eagerly waiting for the release

Thank You All its wonderful community

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