Narrow button format woes

If I use buttons that are in a single screen column (1/12 of the available width) then I can't display anything except really tiny text or graphics on mobile devices. It appears that the button borders are large enough that they take up almost the entire column width. Even on the web page, I can't make the button legend very large compared to the size of the button.

Has anyone figured out how to make a single-column button legible on a mobile device?

Here's screenshots of the same app on a phone and on a web page. I'm using a button with text (a red X) in the left column, and checkbox emojis in the right 3 columns. Interestingly, the web page looks OK down to 800 pixels in width, while the mobile is sad at 1080 pixels.

Hi @Mr-Bill,

Thanks for posting!

You can adjust the sizes of buttons, content boxes, and fonts in Builder, which can improve how the data displays on the mobile app. However, since your app has several columns, adjusting the sizes may still not be ideal. (As you've already realized with having to make the fonts small).

Stacked lists are what we recommend for mobile apps, as those lists type are formatted in a way that better suit vertical formats.

But regardless if you use stacked or column lists, you can also evaluate which columns and data you would like to have on this screen. To optimize for mobile, perhaps you could lessen the columns here and users could click then on the items to go to a details screen with more info.

For example (and this is just a suggestion), maybe for this screen just have columns for the section, item, quantity, and readiness.

The users could then click on the item to see more info on the details page and update the info accordingly there. (i.e. Notes, located status, packed status, etc).

If you want to display more info on the screen for the web version of this app, and you can do so and just modify the mobile app to better suit the smaller screen.

Let me know if this helps. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Thanks. We're really just exploring what Honeycode can (and can't) do at this point. We're working on a more complete feature request, and one of the items will be a 'rolling radio button' - a single button that cycles through a short user-definable sequence (true/false, yes/no/maybe, located/ready/packed, 1/2/3/4, etc.) - like a set of radio buttons, but in one object.

In combination with better conditional formatting, that would allow a lot of information and functionality in a single display cell.

Hi @Mr-Bill,

Got it, thanks for that -

Radio buttons and checklists are a feature request from others as well, and I can also add your notes and interest for a user-friendly method to create a set of radio buttons in sequence (and interest in it as a single object).

Thanks for chiming in the feature request threads too, I see that you added your upvotes there.

Great input so far, keep sharing your thoughts with us as they come to you. :slight_smile:

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