Rest API interface

I like this AWS low-code solution. I am evaluating it if it fits well with our new application. Can this version of Honeycode interface with the Rest API? There is an old closed Topic (Rest API for external data creation) talking about that. Is the feature really in the PRO version? Is there a document that I can read about? Many thanks.

Hi @Benn-9254, welcome to Honeycode and this forum; I'm glad you are looking at API based access to Honeycode.

Honeycode does have two API calls at the moment, allowing you to read and write data into an application. You will need to call the API calls from AWS Lambda, the AWS CLI, or AWS SDK. The feature is only available to Plus and above plans. You can read more about it here Getting Started with Honeycode APIs

Hope this helps,

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Hi @Benn-9254 we launched more APIs yesterday, which are now available as part of the free tier (you still need to connect with an AWS account to access them). Check out Getting Started with Honeycode APIs to learn more and let us know what you think!