Send email when new row added to a table


Is it possible to automate this process:

  1. New row is added to a table. One of the columns header is "Email"
  2. When new row is added, send a notification to a recipient using the email address from corresponding "Email" cell.

Thank you,

Hi @TomM-123c, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

I can show you how to set this up -

Honeycode can send email notifications based on Contact data. This means that rather than having an email column, you would have a column formatted to Contacts.

For the automation, click on the "Automations" tab on the left-hand panel and create one for when a new row is added and add an action to notify (send an email notification):

And for the notify action, in the "To" field, point to the Contact column value:

You can personalize the message body too if you'd like by entering the name value there as well:

I'll note that contacts are only those whom are in your team. If you wish to send emails to certain people directly from Honeycode automations, you will need to add them to your team.

Hope this info helps. Let us know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: