Setting up Visibility specific to certain User Roles

I have a task tracker app and have been trying to restrict visibility of an "Add Task" button to only Managers of the group, using formula =FINDROW(Owners,"Owners[Owner Name]=$[SYS_USER]")[Manager or User]="Manager". The formula works well on my account i.e. having manager access. It even hides the button if i change my own access to "User". However in a test account with role "User" there is no effect on the button. The button is visible in the test account irrespective of the Access being "User" or "Manager". Where is my mistake?

Hi @Sankalp thanks for your question! In the test account, do you log in as the test account to test it? The reason I ask is that SYS_USER is always set to the user who is currently logged on.

P.S: Another thing I'll note is that visibility is not a security feature. If you have sensitive data behind the button that you don't want users having access to, I would consider using one of the patterns in this article: App Data & Security.

Hi @RajeshGoli Thanks for your reply.
I do login as the test account user to test functionality.

However just a few minutes back, I managed to resolve this issue. There was a visibility setting applied to the block containing the button which created this issue. Removing that solved this problem.

I now have another related issue pertaining to button visibility. How can we control visibility of the button in header based on user access rights? There is no active option of Display settings on the button.

Hi @Sankalp glad you resolved that problem. On the buttons in headers, currently we do not support visibility conditions on them. I recommend putting the button inside the screen if you'd like to apply visibility conditions on it. Happy honeycoding!

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