ThisRow( )



THISROW() returns a rowlink to where the formula is executed. THISROW works in any row in a table, or in any list in an app. By itself it may not seem very useful, but when used in the context of other formulas or in app navigation it proves to be quite powerful.


Does not take any input parameters.


Let’s say you have a “Status” table with rows for “Red”, “Yellow” and “Green”. Let’s also assume that you have a “Projects” table which has a “Status” column based on this “Status” table. In this example you can find all the projects whose status matches a certain row by creating a “Projects” column in the Status table and writing the filter expression:
=FILTER(Projects, "Projects[Status]=THISROW()").

Another example is if you have a list in your app and want to navigate the user to a detail screen to see the contents of a row. You can set the variable $[InputRow] in the detail screen to be THISROW() on navigation.

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