Timesheet Template


The Timesheet template is designed so your team has a tool to submit their hours (Regular and PTO) for a given week. There are two apps:

  • Timesheet for Employee app allows employees to create and submit timesheets for a selected week. They can add their start and end times for each day, submit PTO and view their PTO bank.

  • Timesheet for Manager app allows managers to review, approve and deny timesheets submitted by your team. You can send reminders to employees that still need to submit. There is also an admin screen, which allows you to add team members and define weeks for timesheets.

Getting started

Click here or select the Timesheet template when creating a new workbook.

Employee app organization and screenshots

The Timesheet for Employee app has three primary screens:

Home screen

This is the landing page and serves as the home base, as it:

  1. Shows available PTO
  2. Allows users to select a week and add a timesheet for it
  3. Click on drafts to edit
  4. Delete timesheets
  5. See submitted timesheets (and revoke them back to draft for adjustments)
  6. View denied and approved timesheets

The GIF below shows the Home screen and how to navigate to the Timesheet Details screen where the employee can make edits.

Timesheet details screen

This screen is accessed by clicking on a timesheet to from the Home screen.

The employee has several options on this screen including:

  1. Submit timesheet
  2. Delete draft
  3. Add optional notes
  4. Enter their time or hours worked

Employee info screen

This screen shows:

  1. Employee name
  2. Manager name
  3. PTO Bank

Manager app organization and screenshots

The Timesheet for Manager app has three main screens:

Home screen

This screen allows the manager to:

  1. Approve timesheets
  2. Deny timesheets
  3. Click on an employees timesheet for a detailed view
  4. See missing timesheets
  5. Send reminders for missing timesheets

Timesheet details screen

The Timesheet details screen is accessed by clicking on a timesheet from the Home screen. On this screen the manager can:

  1. View timesheet totals
  2. See the breakdown of hours and types (e.g. PTO, Regular, etc.)
  3. Glance at which days were submitted for the week

Manager admin screen

This screen allows the manager to:

  1. Add and remove employees
  2. Define timesheet weeks

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