Trying to retrieve data from CSV files

Hi Alyssa,

I am new to honeycode.
I have the following scenario to display in App screen.

I will retrieve data from CSV files, My CSV file contains a set of data along with the Date column. With screen one, I am adding 2 date boxes and click button.
Data should display in another new screen (screen2) based on the date selected once the click button clicked.

Please help here.


Any updates will be highly appreciatable here, Please assist.

Hi @SreH-9da0, welcome to the community! :wave:

I'm happy to help you out :slight_smile: Sounds like you wish to display data based on a particular date.

To do this, you could add a List on a screen which you can sort by or filter particular dates like this:

Another way would be to have an input field in which user's can select a date and the list would only show rows that match that date. To do this, create an editable variable that's formatted to Date:

And the list would have a FILTER formula to only return results of that selected date:

I created a similar example too, which displays results from a date range. You can check it out here: Not able to create Employee - Manager relationship - #8 by Alyssa

Hope those ideas help! In these solutions, you wouldn't need to navigate to a new screen either, since the results would update in the list on the current screen. :slight_smile:

Let us know if we can help any further. :honey_pot: :honeybee:

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This solution worked @Alyssa, Thanks a lot.

I have one more functionality to add up here.
My requirement is -> Every month new file will be overwritten to specific location with same set of columns but data count may differ.
The honeycode app should take file automatically from location defined when the file is uploaded with new set of data for same set of columns.
How can we achieve this.

Happy that solution worked for you, @SreH-9da0! :smiley: :honey_pot:

For your next ask, you can use integrations with different services to pull in data from outside sources into Honeycode. You can check out this link, which further details how to set up integrations and how to either upload data on demand or on a schedule: Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow.

Also, once the data arrives in Honeycode you can use automations to overwrite existing data or do other actions that may meet your needs.

Hope that helps, and let us know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the further updates @Alysaa.
The integration link which was shared above is more detailed if we want to integrate with different application or tool.

My case is very simple and that methodology will not work. Below the case detail, Could you please assist.

When ever there is a new file overwritten (in this case it is an excel sheet) to a particular location in our local system, the table data (table1) in honey code should update automatically and the app should show the updated data in screen list.

Thank You.

Hi @SreH-9da0, got it, thanks for that clarity -

If you're looking for a way to detect changes on files local on your machine, Honeycode alone cannot achieve this, however there are other services (such as S3), which can sync to folders on your machine and detect file changes. Once that is set up, you would then connect that service to Honeycode following the steps to set up the integration.

I hope that helps clarify! I'm also passing along your idea of a direct sync of local files and folders with Honeycode as a feature request to the team. :honeybee: