User Scalability

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about HoneyCode scaling the possibility of users that can view an application/web page? As of right now, it seems that HoneyCode is probably not the best service for a large number of users. In my use case, we would only have about 10-15 people who would manage the workbooks and builder applications. Our issue is that we would have around 100-150 individuals who would just view the app/web page, which would be insanely pricey considering the additional member fee.

I know we are allowed to have 20 members of a team and each additional member can be either $9.99 or $19.99 a month depending on the plan that you choose. I was hoping to figure out if there might be a possibility of making the application/web page available to users just to view. It could even be a new plan with unlimited viewers and 20 members. This seems like a huge limitation.

Please let me know if anyone has any information on this! Thank you!

Thank you for your question and feedback @Hold-1c5a. Today, Honeycode doesn’t distinguish between app users and app builders within a team, as Honeycode’s mission is to make every member of a team more productive through empowering anyone to build the apps they need to improve their productivity. We believe in a world where anyone can have the exact tool they need to be productive.

That being said, we appreciate the feedback on our pricing model. Feedback is critical in helping our team find ways to improve our experience, and we value for our customers and their use cases. Thank you! :honeybee:

If you’d like to find out more information about our pricing tiers, check out this article: Pricing & Billing FAQs.

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